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I’m off to San Francisco in a few hours for Apple’s Developer Conference. This is my first trip there (and hopefully not my last), and I’m looking forward to 5 days of 24/7 “geek camp” (my wife’s term).

I’ll be posting my impressions regularly throughout the week.

Golf Shot.

I’m about 140 yards from the hole. I hit my 9 iron a little flat, and the ball bounces off the green into a pine tree behind.

We search for the ball around the tree, but can’t find it. Then a fellow searcher lets out a shout: the ball is in the tree, about 5 feet off the ground. In the shot below, notice the shoe of a fellow golfer in the lower left corner to get a sense of the ball’s distance from the ground:

Golf Shot In Tree

I got out my sand wedge and then swung upward into the branch. The ball pops out of the tree and rolls within a few feet of the tee. Here’s where the shot landed:

Golf Shot After Tree

Probably two of the most amazing shots I’ve ever had, in succession.

And I made par.

Why I Love The Internets.

On the way to work yesterday, She Talks To Angels played on the radio. I’ve always loved that song, but I could not for the life of me remember the band.

I did, however, remember that the lead singer has black hair and is married to a blond actress—

—who is the daughter of another blond actress whose name, for the life of me, I could not remember—

—but I did remember that she is in a relationship with Kurt Russell, and that they starred together in OverBoard.

You with me so far?

When I arrived at work, I googled “Kurt Russell” and “Overboard”. Answer: “Goldie Hawn”.

I then searched “Goldie Hawn” and “daughter”. Answer: “Kate Hudson”.

And then “Kate Hudson” and “husband”. Answer: “Chris Robinson”.

His Wikipedia article contained the name of his band. Answer: “The Black Crowes”.

I then went to ITunes, search for the Crowes, and purchased the song.

I love the internets.

Who I Would Not Want To Be Right Now:

Warren Buffet’s Grandchild.

On Monday, Buffett said he wasn’t leaving the bulk of his riches to his children because he is “not an enthusiast for dynastic wealth, particularly when the alternative is 6 billion people” having a chance to benefit from the money.

My respect for Mr. Buffet continues to increase, but I doubt his progeny is too happy.

World Cup.

Soccer, baseball, and hockey are the three major sports with which I have difficulty even feigning interest during regular season play.

(For those who know me, this is a rather ironic statement: I have been known to watch my share of golf and billiards, probably the two pinnacles in the Boring TV Pantheon.)

However, I really enjoy the yearly championship competitions of these sports — even more so the World Cup. Every four years the world participates in a friendly (yet not-so-friendly) World War. Except in this world war the likes of Ghana and the Czech Republic routinely route the U.S.A.

This year I’ve really enjoyed the competition. Today’s two games, Germany vs. Sweden and Argentina vs. Mexico were absorbing — especially during the beginning of the games. (2 goals scored in the first 10 minutes of each of the games.) And what was that goal from Rodriguez of Argentina!!?

The play has also been interesting — I took the time to finally understand the rules of the game. My enjoyment of the game has increased four-fold.

Another observation: soccer players are floppers! Oh, how they flop! Athletes of all sports flop, but soccer has taken it to a new level. It seems there is some unwritten rule between players and referees that every flop should involve some sort of penalty. Seriously, how hurt can two people get when they both jump up at the same time for a header!?